Enough knife sharpening

I’ve been thinking about blogging regularly for almost a decade. When I logged back in here in WordPress, I’ve noticed that I had 4 blogs in draft, not too far off from a world record I assume! On top of that, I’ve read books on writing non-fiction and countless blog posts.

Thoughout the years, countless reasons made me delay the decision once more. The main one was simply that I am not a professional writer and also that I am still forming my opinion on pretty much all the topics that I care about.The knife still needed to be sharpened, but it was a project that I knew would become a reality.

Writing is hard.

However, there is an overwhelming aspect of blogging that I can’t ignore anymore – it has a compounding effect in all my work: it makes me a better colleague, more versed in the subjects I write about and makes me structure my random thoughts (i.e. reveries) in a much deeper way.

I have many ideas for future blog posts already in draft, and I’m still thinking about what cadence I’ll write, so there are many things to improve, including on the site’s design. In spite of that, I want to focus solely on writing regulary, good or bad, short or long, interesting or just a random thought. Over time, a pattern of value will emerge and will become the focus of the writing.

So enough knife sharpening. If you’re joining right on the first blog post, I sincerely hope to be embarrassed looking back 5 years from now.

Thank you.

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