My 2019 podcast picks

I’ve been a podcast fan for over 10 years – it’s incredible to see how this format has evolved to the be the fastest growing advertising category, with companies like Spotify, Apple and Google heavily investing in the category. Currently, 90 million people listen to podcasts on a monthly basis – and that’s just in the US.

This year I’ve subscribed to several new podcasts, but unsubscribed from many more. I’ve tried to be less loyal to each podcast, to try a broader range of things. Here are my highlights:

Business Pick

Pivot, from Vox Media

The only tech podcast I listen the second I see it popping up on my feed. I love the fact that Kara and Scott have strong opinions, loosely held, and have no regard for political correctness (which in 2019, is a breath of fresh air.).

They’re both very active on Twitter, too – check Scott and Kara.

Economics Pick

Conversations with Tyler

Tyler in an incredible interviewer – not just in economy-related topics. Most podcasters spend way too many words trying to ask something relevant, whereas in Tyler’s case he is sharp and precise in each interaction. I also deeply appreciate that he doesn’t ask for everyone’s background story in each interview and dives deep in the interviewee’s expertise straight way.

General Pick

Making Sense, Sam Harris

Sam has a rare mental clarity, which he combines with a capacity to craft every sentence in a very deliberate way. He talks as he was reading from a book. Topics on his podcast are as wide ranging as it gets – science of consciousness, mindfulness, philosophy, modern affairs, politics, among many others.

Politics Pick

Intelligence Squared

Good debates are rare these days. Listening to both sides of an argument in a civil manner, where people respect the other’s point of view no matter how distant is sadly underated. Here’s an excellent exception: A live debate, where people vote on a topic before they enter the room, and after the debate vote again, to see how the opinion shifted with the conversation.

History Pick

You’re Dead to Me, BBC

If you like the idea of liking history, but deep down you feel that it’s a dull and dry topic, you’re in a for a (British) treat. Every week, the hosts pick a historical event, bring an expert, and challenge what everyone knows about it. Nothing dry about this treat.

Let me know if you have any podcast recommendations – would be great to start preparing 2020’s picks!

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