2020: Read, think, write, do

For the last 6 years, I’ve had a reading challenge set up on Goodreads – Here are my readings from 2019. It’s fun to look back at different years and see what I read then, refresh the memory on those books and make suggestions to friends. Ever more important than that, I feel that having a yearly target helps me have an extra nudge every day to read a bit more.

This year, I want to take that challenge to other realms: thinking and writing and doing. But first of all, I’ll slighthly stretch my 2020 reading challenge to 40 this year. As per usual, I’ll try to have a varied set of books on the list, from philosophy to sci-fi, from physical books to digital and even audio books. One of the things I’ve learned with these challenges is that reading different book types and in different formats helps maintaining a good pace throughout the year.


Massimo Pigliucci, our contemporary, modernized Epictetus, has written a book called “Live like a Stoic“. It contains 52 weekly exercises that are a simple practice to cultivating a good life. I’ve read at least one book on Stoicism every year on the past decade, so I thought it would be cool to use this framework as a more practical approach to this philosophy.


I want to have a weekly writing pace – Last year, I’ve written 10 blogposts (7 of which are live on Reveries). Given my work demands, I didn’t force myself any challenge with the blog at all, just wanted to write whenever I felt like it.

The writing experience has been incredibly fulfilling – whenever I start writing a blogpost, it usually flows fairly fast, requires 2-3 proofreads and it’s publishable. WordPress helps a lot, too: its writer, backend, and mobile app are fantastic.


Back in 2010 I read David Allen’s Getting Things Done, and ever since I’ve been studying and testing different productivity tricks and methodologies. I ended up taking bits and pieces from different places and coming up with one that worked for me.

By the end of 2018, I read about the Bullet Journal method, and one particular funcionality stood out to me: it was supposed to be modular and customized to every person, so I ended up adapting my method to it, and was very happy with the result (albeit with some faults). This year, I want to follow it a bit more strictly, specially with the weekly reviews every Sunday. (I’ll probably write a separate blogpost documenting my methodology this year).

I guess every first blogpost of the year is full of hopes and aspirations, which eventually gets punched in the face by reality – I’m sure I won’t be able to Read, Think, Write and Do everything that I want, but I’m pretty sure that doing it deliberately and with a goal in mind makes me closer to it.

Here’s to an amazing 2020!

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